In France, Pierre Lacroix trades some of his high-quality paper for similarly exquisite Périgord champagne. The carefully-recorded receipt of this transaction shows not only the historical heritage of our expertise but is also our oldest surviving "paperwork".


The rolling of tobacco in paper remains a popular alternative to expensive and fragile pipes, but people still just use whatever scraps they can find. After many years of diligent and careful experimentation, Pierre Lacroix is the first person to perfect a paper specifically created for rolling.


After many years of careful craftmanship, demand for the Lacroix family’s finest quality papers is so great that Fracois Lacroix steps up production by buying a mill. The industrial revolution is still some years away, but the founder of the Lacroix Rolling Paper company is already ahead of the opposition.


With the Industrial Revolution well underway, the Lacroix family are given backing from a leader who became a powerful catalyst of the French Revolution: Napoleon Bonaparte. A few years before he was crowned emperor, Napoleon issued the Lacroix family a license to produce their premium rolling papers for his troops.


The introduction of the rice paper is such an immediate and staggering success that the company changes itsvery name to show that this product will be what defines it from now on. Riz La +. is born ("Riz" being the French word for rice and "La+" as an abbreviation of Lacroix).


Rizla introduces the ‘Rizla Invisible Players’ van. Armed with a gramophone and speakers, the van not only played great music at various outdoor events around the UK, but also brought Rizla’s iconic association to music that is still alive today. In the same year, Rizla also created a quicker and easier way to roll by launching the world’s first hand-rolling machine.


At last, the final piece of the puzzle. By adding a thin strip of gum to the edge of the paper, Rizla+ is the first to create the complete rolling paper.


Rizla continues to innovate itself by introducing cut corners on their green papers, allowing an easier rolling technique and resulting in more people enjoying Rizla’s premium quality paper.


Alongside the Invisible Players van, Rizla extends their close relationship with music by launching their renowned cafe, rocking up at some of Europe’s leading music festivals and creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere.


After a few years away from the pits, Rizla got back on track by sponsoring Crescent Suzuki in the British Superbikes competition. This led to ten years of close collaboration with the Crescent Suzuki across the world as we moved into MotoGP together to deliver many memorable races, and the glamour that our Rizla Girls brought to so many events around the planet.


We roll out the new and improved Rizla Invisible Players van, filling it with legendary musicians and becoming the most popular vehicle at major events. This was followed by the launch or RizLab - a collaborative, creative forum for musicians to come together.


A busy year for Rizla! Rolling out a new global campaign takes centre stage. But Rizla is also back on the grid! Our leading rolling paper brand Rizla has returned to the high octane of international motorsport as co-sponsors of Yamaha World Superbikes Championship team.


With its ever-evolving innovations, Rizla launches their new product: Natura. Made with100% organic hemp, Rizla Natura is for those who enjoy authentic tobacco taste, making the world’s number 1 in rolling paper even better.


More than 450 years on and still rolling with the times, Rizla continues to play host to its rich heritage by supporting music at festivals, award ceremonies and exclusive basement parties, inspiring innovation, authentic taste, and good times.

Rizla Bamboo. The first rolling paper in the UK made from sustainable, biodegradable, and completely chemical-free bamboo. It is made from the abundant bamboo plant, with the additional benefit of being strong, flexible, and easy to roll.


Flavour anything! We introduce Flavour Infusion Cards. Coming in two flavour variants: Menthol Chill and Fresh Mint. Insert, wait, and enjoy!