New ASUS K53E-1A K53S K53SC K53SC-1B K53SJ-3C K53SJ UK Black Laptop Replacement Keyboard

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Type: Replacement Laptop Keyboard

Condition: Brand New

QWERTY Layout: UK, This keyboard came in 3 styles for UK Layout, style can be different. However, it will be 100% compatible with your laptop.

Colour: Black

Keyboard Finish: Original 

Brand: Replacement Keyboard (ASUS), This keyboard came in 3 styles for UK Layout, Style will be random but will be 100% compatible with your laptop.

Warranty: 90 Days (3 months)



Please check and compare the description details/pictures prior to purchase. Especially the screw holes, the tabs and the ribbon cable.

We will dispatch the same item shown in the picture.

Please do not purchase keyboards based on its parts numbers or model numbers because they do not matter as they keep on changing when a new range comes out in the market. Even though if the part number/model number is similar, the screw holes, tabs, the ribbon cable and even the layout may differ.

Part numbers or model numbers in the listings are just keywords for your search reference so that it can take you to the closest compatible item available. We suggest you to always check and compare with the description details and pictures prior to purchase to make sure. Laptop Keyboards from various other keyboard manufacturers can be used as long as the mentioned specifications are similar to the existing keyboard.

If there is any confusion regarding the item or other queries, please feel free to contact us.

All items are shipped from the UK.






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